Buzzed Driving is Drunk Driving
Client: NHTSA
Agency: AdCouncil
Director: Danny Corey
Producer: Jordan Berry
Director of Photography: Quinton Brogan
Full credits on Vimeo

Since coming out of the pandemic, accidents and deaths from drunk driving have skyrocketed. Unfortunately, most casualties are young men who don’t think they’re drunk, but just “buzzed.” Unfortunately, there really isn’t a difference.

AdCouncil came to us with the goal of developing a creative concept for their client NHTSA that would check a series of boxes – couldn’t be funny and couldn’t be sad, had to show a male in his 20s making the right decision to not drive and not because anyone told him to, and he couldn’t wear cargo shorts (seriously).

After pitching a few concepts that ranged from a 90s style movie trailer to a remake of a famous scene from Dazed and Confused, we finally landed on the idea of really focusing in on that single moment in time when our “hero” is faced with his decision to drive buzzed or catch a ride.