Black Panther: Wakanda Forever
Client: Hasbro
Director: Bilali Mack & Johan Anderson
Producer: Jordan Berry
Cinematography: Matt Thompkins
Editor: Annette Sherrod
Full credits on Vimeo

Our goal with this project was to make Hasbro’s new Black Panther toys as fun as possible in advance of the release of the sequel film in theaters.

With leadership from co-directors Bilali Mack and Johan Anderson, we shot the whole spot over chroma green in our Boston studio, then immersed the scenes into a custom built “Wakanda toy lab.”

The open roster of directors has never looked better than it did for this project. Client came to us with a specific ask for a director who knows VFX inside and out and can work with kids. Not just that, but knowing we would have an all Black cast, finding a director who the kids could see themselves in was critical. Bilali Mack was born in Ghana, and in just ten years of working as a VFX artist in New York has does major projects for Google, Adidas, and HBO. In the end, he killed this project from start to finish, overseeing both direction on the day and VFX in post.