“See Us” picks up three wins at Anthem Awards

In just six months after its release, "See Us" has received over 1.5 million impressions from social media posts on CBS and Paramount owned and operated channels, and the network's allocation of 300 seconds of broadcast airtime reached millions of viewers during the primetime hour.

We have no doubt that the success of this project stems from strong representation in our crew; at least seven members of the team identify as queer. While we can measure the campaign’s impact in many ways, one detail stands out. Paul, the rodeo drag queen from New Mexico, received a phone call from his extended family after they saw his story during a commercial break on CBS. They had no idea about his queer identity, and they called to give him their full support. 

Huge congrats to the whole team involved for receiving recognition from the Anthem Awards show this year with three awards in the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion categories.