Want To Team Up?
Client: Penn State
Agency: Decoded
Director: Christian Shultz
Director of Photography: Steve Conry
Executive Producer: Tripp Kramer
Line Producer: Jim Bird
Editorial: Lost Planet
Post EP: Casey Cayko
Editor: Rachel Butler
Assistant Editor: Oli Chen
Online: Tim Farrell
GFX: Andre Sam
Color - Company 3
Colorist: Kath Raisch
Mix - Mr Bronx

Special thanks to the team at Decoded, whose creative team allowed us to put forward our best ideas to execute the concept. We loved the idea of a single lesson that jumped out of the classroom and into a soccer field, a lab and the nature.

For nerds like us, this was a fun one because the scientific experiment had to make sense. To make sure the equations on the white board connected to the physics tested in the soccer field, the sound booth and the river, we brought on Karan Jani, a renowned astrophysicist studying black holes and gravitational holes. In his words, he studies the “music of space.” Only after we sought him out for this project specifically did we realize that he’s also a Penn State alum! Karan, thank you for making sure that the premise behind our narrative wasn’t just smoke and mirrors!