See Us
Client: CBS
Director: Zen Pace
Director of Photography: Peter Pascucci
Line Producer: Jordan Berry
Production Manager: Marki Yaccino
Edit: Emilie Aubry, Annette Sherrod
Music: Adam Weiss, Found Objects
Color: Tricia Hagoriles
Sound Design: We Are Father
Mix: Jorel Corpus

#SEEUS is not just a celebration of pride – it's a campaign that reminds us that the LGBTQ community has fought for decades to be seen, to be heard, and to be loved. That fight is still very much at the forefront of our culture, as hundreds of bills advance in state houses across the country with one goal – to erase the rights and experiences of queer people.

When CBS approached Windy with a blank canvas, we pitched the idea of visualizing erasure by removing queer characters from the scene.

Thank you to everyone at CBS who stands with the queer community, and to all of the queer and ally members of the team on this one.